Sunday, July 17, 2005

My teaching so far

This is really my first success in getting something on here. At least, I think it is. I'll have to
see if I can actually get something done.
I have been teaching in Samei Kakangulu HS for three-and-a-half weeks. It's been an unusual experience in many ways, and familiar in many others.
Kids are, after all, kids. Some work hard, some try to avoid. There are all sorts of problems in the school, not the least of which is poverty. While the students have some supplies--pens,
pencils, rulers and the like, there are absolutely no text books in either the HS or the primary
school. That's right. Not one. The students sit in room lit only by sunlight and two lights that
were installed by Kulanu, the organizations I'm with. (for more info on The
village I teach in is located on Nagoboya Hill, and the Jewish residents of the area are called the
Aboyadoya. There are an interesting story of survival a perseverance by itself, but that will be
for another day--assuming I can to this cite again. I have tried and tried, but this is the best I've done, I think.
I'm going to end this now becuase I have two minutes to post this, and everything here
works slowly.


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