Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Update from the classroom in SK High

Now that I have actually managed to get on this page--the people here kept telling me how
difficult computer life is in a third-world country, not knowing how difficult any computer thing
is for me, I can add a few more items.
I have two more days of teaching, which will complete a month plus a day. On Sunday I leave
for Kampala, the capital, then, after a few days, on to Kenya for several days which will include a
Back to school. I find a great many motivated students who are hungry for knowlege. Not all, of course. Very much like the US. What is missing, in addition to the materials I mentioned
last time, is that the students do not get lunch in the school. The price of 400 Ugandan Shillings,
which equals about $.23, is too much for them to afford. None, so far as I know, bring food with
them. I've heard that those who have are teased. Some bring 100-200 shillings and shop at a
place which is a 15-20 minute walk away. This, of course, makes them last for class.
Sound like teenagers.
For those of you who are basketball fans, I watched a girls' game last week and will see another on Friday. They use the same rules that Dr. James Naismith invented over 100 years
ago--no dribbing, for example. The player catches the ball, is allowed one step, and then must
pass or shoot. I'll get pictures on Friday.
There are so many needs in the school that it is difficult to think which are most necessary.
I plan to try and raise money for Math textbooks in my synagogue. There is not one single text
available to the kids. Very little homework. There are a few organizations working to help the
school, particularly with the lunch program, but Kulanu, my organization, is focussing on
educational materials, or at least I am.
Thanks for reading of my adventures.


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I'm so glad you were able to access the blog and share your experiences David. Stay safe.


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